About Great Day @ Work

Music, wellness and productivity at work.

The Foundation — Our Guiding Principles

Great Day @ Work is founded on these guiding principles:

Health, Happiness and Productivity in the Workplace

We value and promote health, happiness and productivity in the workplace. We advocate for basic human needs. These include food security, housing, safety, activity and movement, rest, play, community, a sense of purpose and the freedom to exercise our sense of purpose in our own unique and authentic way. We believe that when we attend to these basic human needs, we are happier, healthier and in turn more productive.

The Arts and "Creative Culture"

We support the Arts, artists and Creative Culture — a culture in which authentic creativity is valued, supported and promoted.

Diversity, Inclusion, Equity

We value diversity, inclusion and equity. Our goal is to create and facilitate spaces where everyone feels safe, included and comfortable. Our goal is to affiliate with organizations and businesses that hold these same values. We do our part to break down artificial barriers to security, happiness and prosperity (financial or otherwise). We admit to being a part of a system that has historically denied people these things based on skin color, gender, sexual preference, religion, etc. However, we are committed to un-learning, re-learning and moving humanity forward.

Music is Powerful

Music is a powerful, unifying force. Music is a universal language. It guides us through ups and downs. It soothes us when we need soothing and exhilarates us when we need a boost. The power of music can be used to improve our daily lives. The right music can improve focus and productivity, reduce stress, foster better relationships and transform our lives.

We use these guiding principles to improve your productivity, focus and overall happiness.

A Message From Our Founder

Nate's Photo

DJ Nate Da Great, Founder

As a DJ, I'm a first-hand witness of the power of music. I've experienced energy shifts that words can't explain. The right song at the right time with the right people can transform an experience into something magical. Even if just for a few minutes, these energy shifts can be powerful and transformative.

As a former tech manager, I struggled with time management. I always felt "too busy" rather than accomplished. I searched for a routine that would:

  1. create distraction-free, focused time to work on specific goals,
  2. help me feel accomplished rather than busy, and
  3. respect my health and humanity.

The solution that I love and teach to others mixes (because DJs mix things ­čśâ) music, productivity, time management, and mindfulness. It includes:

  1. identifying goals and priorities
  2. scheduling uninterrupted time to work on goals and priorities
  3. using a Pomodoro-ish method1 to organize time
  4. using music to maintain focus during each "Focus Session"
  5. journaling to organize and track goals and accomplishments.

This solution has evolved into what we call the Focus Method.

Focus Sessions

The focus session is the basis of our core solution and experience. A focus session lasts about 25 minutes. During a focus session, we minimize distractions and focus intent-fully on a meaningful goal. Music is played to maintain focus. Each focus session is a promise to work towards a goal that is meaningful and important.

  1. We greatly appreciate, but have no affiliation with Francesco Cirillo's Pomodoro Technique®.