Workplace Productivity and Fun

Great Day at Work is here for employers searching outside-the-box for new and interesting ways to energize their teams and make the workday a little more fun and productive. Maybe you're on the cutting edge of employee retention programing or maybe you're trying to figure out how to make a remote / hybrid model work for your business. Whatever the case, consider Great Day at Work's solution for productive fun in the workplace. We provide in-office or virtual services.


Our DJs play music and conduct "Focus Sessions" that help engage your team and facilitate focused work. We use a combination of focus-friendly music and time-blocking techniques to help your employees identify priorities and work towards goals.

A Focus Session is a block of time in which your employees work uninterrupted towards specific goals. Before each session, everyone sets their goals. During each session, our DJs play music while your team works. Everyone does their best to avoid distractions and stay focused.

Our DJ-led Focus Sessions are appropriate for any day of the week. Our program is designed to compliment your work and productivity -- not distract from it.


We advocate for fun in the office everyday! However, we're also realists. While a certain amount of fun will help employees decompress and give them an opportunity to activate their subconscious thought and problem solving, too much fun will diminish productivity. So, we recommend a balance of productivity and fun. There are some days, like casual Fridays, for example, that can be designated as fun days. On these days, work still happens, but the environment feels a bit more relaxed and employees might be treated to something like a guest DJ and/or lunch-on-the-company.

So, whether you're thinking outside-the-box for ways to motivate employees and improve their productivity or looking for new ways to treat your employees, consider Great Day at Work's corporate DJ services. We'll work with you to find the right balance of productivity and fun.