Our Services

Music for wellness and productivity.

Our Services Include:

  1. Remote Day @ Work
  2. Family and Friends Focus Sessions

Both of these services are remote / virtual experiences. Our in-person services are currently on-hold due to COVID-19 health concerns.

Remote Day @ Work

A remote experience for organizations in search of creative ways to strengthen remote teams.

Is your organization trying to figure-out the world of remote work?
Are you looking for ways to build strong relationships and keep your remote team engaged?

Our Remote Day @ Work Experience is a fun, team-building opportunity that:

  1. Provides much-needed informal face-time for your remote team
  2. Strengthens your team's relationships and trust
  3. Encourages focused, goal-oriented productivity
  4. Uses the power of music to lift your team's spirits and improve focus
  5. Provides personal and professional development opportunities
  6. Is customized to meet your team's needs
  7. Is conducted via Zoom or the conferencing app of your choice.1

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Your team's success can be measured by the strength of its relationships and happiness of its members.

Family and Friends Focus Sessions

For families and friends looking for ways to spend time together -- whether just for fun or trying to get something done.

What is a focus session?

A Focus Session is a short (about 25 minutes) musically guided session in which you are encouraged to tune out distraction and intent-fully focus on a goal that's important to you.

What can you do during a focus session?

Almost anything...

  • Self care: exercise, meditate, etc
  • Work projects and tasks
  • Home care: clean, organize, etc
  • Personal goals: career, family, relationships, etc
  • That thing you've been putting off, but just need to get done

The possibilities are endless.

There's no pressure to complete anything. The simple act of working with focused intent is an accomplishment in and of itself, but you'll be surprised at the results when you set aside time to focus without distraction.

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Make a promise to yourself and focus on what matters most.

  1. Conferencing software needs to meet our technical requirements.