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A Focus Session is a promise to yourself -- a promise to spend time on an important goal. Need some "Personal Care" time? Time with family? Working towards a life or career change? Here's your opportunity. Start creating the habits that will transform your life.

We'll talk about habits, organizing your time and goals and caring for yourself in the process. Of course, We'll spend focused time on the things important to you. That's the whole point 😃.

First timers... ask for reduced pricing!

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"Nate provides a unique 'goals oriented' service to help you stay focused. It is encouraging, honest and calm. This is exactly what you want in a focus session!! He asks the right questions so he can provide the perfect music while you work on your goals. All while having compassion for yourself in the process. I attend daily live focus sessions, and subscribe to his downloads so I can focus on-the-go as well. These focus sessions are now part of my daily life and I credit Nate for helping me focus and reach new goals."

-Steph Remmert

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